If you suffer from back pain, you might not be eager to exercise. However, a back pain chiropractor, may advise you to stay active to improve your symptoms. If you know how to work out properly, you won’t hurt your back more. Here are some tips for exercise with back pain.

Warm Up Properly

Some people skip warm ups before the exercise routine to save time. However, if you’re prone to back pain, it is very important to warm up properly before your workout. Doing so will improve blood circulation and help you avoid injuries. Try running in place before your workout for 5 to 10 minutes.

Pay Attention to Your Posture

It is important to practice good posture all the time, including during exercise. If you slouch, your pelvis can tilt and cause your back muscles to tighten up. No matter what type of exercise you’re doing, remember to stand up straight.

Don’t Ignore Pain

If your back starts to ache in the middle of your workout, you should not just try to work through it. If a certain movement is causing you discomfort, you should stop doing it. Otherwise, you could make the pain worse and even injure yourself.

Avoid High-Impact Exercises

High-impact exercises, like jumping and sprinting, may help you burn more calories and get a great workout. However, if you are dealing with back pain, these moves can increase your discomfort. It is best to avoid high-impact exercises until you fully heal. Low-impact exercises, like walking on the treadmill or swimming, can still be a great workout.

Don’t Lift Weights Over Your Shoulders

If you lift weights in the gym, do not put them over your shoulders. Doing so can put more stress on your spine, making your back pain worse.

Avoid Handling Excess Weight

Lifting very heavy weights is an effective way to build muscle. However, if you suffer from back pain, lifting more than you can handle can make your pain worse. Instead of focusing on how heavy you can lift, concentrate on repetitions. Additionally, choose machine weights over free weights, as you will have more control of your lifts.

If you have constant back pain, consider scheduling an appointment with a reputable chiropractor for an adjustment.