Be informed

When people are aware of the laws that affect their healthcare, they can do something about it to try to make a change. As of December 2018, nine organizations representing health insurance, employers, and consumer groups, sent a letter to Congress asking lawmakers to stop providers from billing patients for medical costs not covered by insurance when the choice of the provider is not the patient’s fault. This letter also emphasized that any new laws should not cause a rise in insurance premiums or deter providers from joining a health plan’s network.

This is one example of how being informed can help people take action for healthcare reforms that affect their lives. Another big issue in healthcare news is how the current presidential administration has made changes to the previous administration’s plan (the Protection and Affordable Care Act also known as the Affordable Care Act) to get uninsured Americans insured.

In December of 2018, four Democratic House Representatives sent a letter to the current presidential administration asking for explanations concerning its decision to not defend the Affordable Care Act’s pre-existing condition protections. The letter requested information about how the administration determined its positions and details of how the administration will respond if the protections are eliminated. If they are, millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions will be subject to discrimination and may be denied basic healthcare the way they were before the Affordable Care Act.

These are just two examples of important issues that are in healthcare at the inception of this site with many more important current issues happening now and more new ones on the horizon.

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