The term “pain in the neck” may refer to a bothersome person or an irksome situation. But having neck pain may be almost as common for some people. Pain and discomfort in this joint can be debilitating, impacting your day-to-day life. You may have tried different solutions with little or no success. A chiropractor might be your next-best move. A chiropractic adjustment could be just what you need to find the relief you have been looking for.

Types of Pain and How it Happens

Neck pain can affect people of all ages, but it more frequently hits older individuals. Different types of neck pain could result from a pinched nerve, herniated or compressed disc, injured cartilage or a fracture. These issues can start due to an accident or sports injury. Neck pain may also be a result of long-term wear and tear. Certain repetitive motions can also strain the muscles in the neck or injure the vertebrae.

What Happens Before an Adjustment?

Once you decide to see the chiropractor, you will have an assessment. The chiropractor will review your health history and learn more about your current condition. There will be an examination and a series of tests, including X-rays. The doctor will develop a treatment plan based on this information.

How the Adjustment Works

to perform a chiropractic adjustment, the doctor will have you lie on a table, usually face-down. The chiropractor places his or her hands on your back. Then, using direct, sudden force, the chiropractor will manipulate the spine, moving it into the right place and aligning it properly. The chiropractor may use a special too if necessary.

The Results

Adjustments are effective at relieving neck pain in several ways. Aligning the joints promotes better flexibility, mobility and range of motion. The muscles surrounding the joints can have better movement. These factors allow you to tilt your head from side to side and bend your neck without the same pain you have felt. Adjustments can also help the body heal itself in other areas where you may have discomfort. The chiropractor will likely have you come into the office a few times a week for several weeks or months until your condition has improved sufficiently.

Neck pain no longer has to rule your life. If you are tired of being a slave to these agonizing feelings, call a neck pain doctor in Frederick, MD, like from Pain & Spine Specialists of Maryland, LLC, near you today so you can find